Blend Café Ltd, Homerton

Welcome to the
Homerton Blend Café

Welcome to Homerton's Blend Café Ltd. Our plans are to provide a community cafe and dessert bar. We hope to launch in July 2018, following the completion of the building of the new premises. As part of our commitment to the local community we want to provide discounts through a local loyalty card for those who live and/or work in Homerton.

Homerton Blend Café

We hope that our venture will be successful and allow us to grow into new areas. As such this cafe will trade as "Homerton Blend Cafe" as well as under it's official name "Blend Cafe Ltd" to give appropriate recognition to the location within which we trade.

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We aim to provide a quality range of speciality coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks as well as a good range of desserts and cakes.

We hope that the cafe will become a central part of the local community and help build links between local residents around the immediate vicinity.

Homerton in Hackney, London, has a magnificent heritage created in the Victorian Era. Initially it was the village of the rich, just East of London during, the reign of Queen Victoria. By the early 20th century it had been swallowed by the metropolis. In World War II it has become a significant part of the East End community and during the war it was heavily bombed. The rebuilding during the 50's and 60's led to the area having one of the densest populations in London. Statistically it the densest polpulation in th UK and became one of the highest in Europe. This led to a period of well known financial and economic deprivation in the area. This decline was finally broken by the significant investment in the area with the arrival on the London 2012 Olympic Games. The area saw a significant increase in investment, the building of new and modern homes and within the years following the Olympic Games became a fashionable place to live again.

Since 2012 the area of Homerton has become the new 'up and coming area' but significant financial and economic deprivation still prevails. Despite this the resilience of the East End shines through and shines through the community cohesion that exists.

We believe that investment in the community of Homerton is needed and are currently looking into how we can work with our local community to provide the current community with the facilities that can equip them to strengthen the community and adapt to meet the new challenges and opportunities that the recent rapid changes can afford the community.

Homerton, Blend Café